"Brooklyn Love" song by song #14 - Tiny Actions

 Tiny Actions. Open a door for someone. Help someone pick up stuff they dropped. Grab something heavy off of the shelf at a grocery store for an older lady. These little things show someone love, not in the sense of being "In Love" (obviously) but showing someone that you care enough to help in the small things goes a long way. 

I wrote this song when I lived in NY. I wasn't sure where it came from, I just liked those two words together...Tiny   Actions...  They are almost comforting. Like, you really
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"Brooklyn Love" song by song #13 - Autotune

 Man, Oh man!  Name an artist...they have most likely used Autotune. Sometimes it works...when it's used to make the singer sound..."Autotun-ee" on purpose and that is cool but when it's used to fix a singers voice because they can't hit the notes on the songs they sing...that grinds my gears.

I wrote "Autotune" to kind of make fun of pop "artists" who have songs that sound sweet and do really well but then you hear them live and they sound like "spazzatura" ("garbage" in Italian).  I wrote it to make fun
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"Brooklyn Love" song by song #12 - Goodbye


This song was written/finished on the day I recorded the lyrics at
Little Elephant Recording in Rossford, OH.
I had just written the song and I was still trying to figure a few parts out before making them final. I was really happy with how the song turned out though for being finished so late in the process.

I thought of this song in my car, as I do with a number of my songs. For a few months in 2012 my lady was living outside Chicago and I was still in Ohio, so I would still see her pretty
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"Brooklyn Love" song by song #11 - Freckle Lip

 Freckle Lip!!  Gotta be that....

This song is about my lady. My love. She has a little freckle on her bottom lip and every time I sing this song she bites it. She is honestly one of the main reasons I was able to start / finish this album. Just like "Freckle Lip"s chorus says... "it's been so long since I could write a song that meant anything to me, You've become my muse baby." I had this song done before a lot of the other tunes on "
Brooklyn Love". 

I remember I came up with the first line while
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"Brooklyn Love" song by song #10 - Brooklyn Love

 The title track!! "Brooklyn Love"!!

This is the first song that I have written for a dude. A really close friend of mine named Ben lives out in Brooklyn, NY and he is a great kid that lives a pretty exciting life which is part of what inspired me to write this tune. Some time ago there was a girl in his life and things were iffy... He didn't know what he wanted to do and the relationship was on the verge of collapse. This song started about that and my friendship with him. We met at a restaurant in
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"Brooklyn Love" song by song #9 - Set Sail

 Two summers ago I went sailing a bit more than I had in recent years (as in I never went and then two summers ago I went like 8 times...) I was even fortunate enough to play some gigs at a few Yacht clubs that summer.  I tell you this because those things helped my mindset for writing the song "Set Sail".

Theres a girl in my life and I had just recently met her around this time. I liked her because there was something different about her. She didn't care, she lived and she was a little strange... Hence
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"Brooklyn Love" song by song #8 - NYC

 NYC...What is it about youu...(Can you name what musical that is from??)

This is a song I have had for quite some time but never had been able to record it. I was so happy with the chance to finally get it I know I have said it before but thank you to everyone who helped me get my album recorded because I would not have been able to do it without you.

I wrote "NYC" when I was visiting a buddy of mine about 2 years ago. I wrote half in central park and half in my old apartment where my friend
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"Brooklyn Love" song by song #7 - Not A Love Song

"Not A Love Song"    

This song is one of my first and possibly my only spiteful song. It's crazy how ideas that I have rarely finish the same way that they start.

I was driving this past summer and I was thinking about how every song I heard on the radio was...a Love Song. A song about love or having to do with loving someone. I know not all songs are like that but I remember thinking...Why hasn't anyone written a song and called it "Not a Love Song"? So right there and then I came up with the line "This
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"Brooklyn Love" song by song #6 - Lion Heart


Number six!! Sixer!! Sei! 6.

Lion Heart...Heart of a lion.

I am gonna just start this blog with a confession. I have on occasion written a song or two that didn't have complete personal experience behind it. Lion Heart is one of these songs.

After its completion and listening to it a number of times I usually can figure out why I think I wrote it. What I feel like the meaning of it (even if I wasn't sure when I wrote it) should be. Although…after saying it like that this I feel like this is what everyone
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"Brooklyn Love" song by song #5- Out of My Head (Featuring Lacey Brown)

 "Out of My Head" is a little love duet I wrote a while back (2- 2 1/2 years ago) that I always heard my good friend Lacey Brown singing on.  Lacey and I met on the 9th season of American Idol during Hollywood week where we were in the same group during "Group Rounds" and became friends. She moved on and ended up getting 12th place (you can read about her on here Wikipedia page here...Lacey Brown) She has been playing tunes ever since and lives in Nashville, TN. If you have a second and a few bucks...YouRead more